“Equinox delivers high-quality, precision products that best serve our customers’ critical needs worldwide.”

Industries Served

Equinox is a top supplier of radiator components, filler necks, hose connections, and other tubing-related products. Our components deliver superior performance in critical cooling system applications throughout the world.

As an established supplier, we serve a diverse group of industries and companies with a variety of specialty applications, using our expertise in manufacturing products to extremely tight and consistent tolerances. We have applied our ability in stamping and bending brass and copper to produce critical parts for plumbing and related industries.

Our American-Made Components are Used In:

  • Agricultural Cooling Systems
  • Automotive Cooling Systems
  • Generator Cooling Systems
  • Marine Cooling Systems
  • Truck Cooling Systems
Industries Served

By servicing a targeted market, we can guarantee shorter lead times, lower costs, and consistent quality for our customers. This allows us to expertly and efficiently adapt or create a design for custom applications. We can also produce parts from brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

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Trust Equinox for our expertise, production capability, and timely delivery to meet your radiator component or specialty application needs.